Jessica Lynne

Meet Jessica–Peeling Back The Layers

My name is Jessica McMahan, the proud creator of Jessica Lynne Creations. I’ve had a lifelong passion for beauty, skin care, and health. However, it wasn’t until I experienced a period of devastation when I found out my mother, my confidant and very best friend, was diagnosed with breast cancer. The diagnosis completely shook my whole world. That is when I realized the spark within me was longing to be ignited immediately, and it called for a change in standard of beauty product ingredients. 

During my mothers treatment, my family and I dove head first into researching all the things that would not support my mothers treatment successfully. Through determination and great attention to detail I discovered the true horror of what was inside common over the counter beauty products. The amount of harmful chemicals that we’ve been lathering onto ourselves and then passing into our bodies is making us sick and it makes my skin crawl. 

I decided from there on out, I was going to be mindful and aware to protect the health and wellbeing of myself and others. So I took matters into my own hands…literally. I was determined to produce high quality bath, body, and skincare products that are accessible to all. I began hand making all of my products. I use a small batch method which means that I formulate all of my products using the finest ingredients in small batches, promising you fresh and potent products each time. I create natural products that are safe for everyone, including those who are immuno-compromised, moms, daughters, friends, and most importantly, YOU! 

I wholeheartedly believe our beauty and well-being can successfully be intertwined as one. My approach and philosophy are rooted from my relationship with Christ. That’s the foundation of all that I do, how I treat others, and how I run my company. Jessica Lynne Creations is built on Christian values so I am devoted to honesty, integrity, and quality. Since my mother is the center of my inspiration, I donate a percentage of all proceeds to cancer research organizations. It’s crucial in my life's mission that I give back and assist in prioritizing the health and wellbeing of others.

When I’m not working on formulating fresh products, you’ll see me spending time with my amazing husband, a retired United States Air Force Veteran. I’m the mother of two absolutely incredible boys, and we have two dogs and a cat that complete our happy family. Beyond my passion for the clean beauty world, I adore going to the beach and I’m a real sports fanatic! Our house is always buzzing with anything from college football, NFL, baseball, Nascar, or lacrosse…and I wouldn’t have it any other way! 

Thank you for being here. I’m honored to share a clean beauty journey with you and together we are truly making a difference.