Choosing Jessica Lynne, means always choosing “you”.

Welcome to Jessica Lynne Creations! Crafting the finest bath, body, and skincare products entirely from scratch is my soul's purpose. I’ve spent years refining formulas so that I can understand the benefits clean ingredients have on health and beauty. My products are not just a “business”, but rather a lifestyle of embodying empowerment and beaming beauty. In creating top-tier products, I use a small-batch process so each unique creation is a labor of love. This means you are always getting fresh and potent skincare products sourced only from premium ingredients. Staying away from harmful parabens, formaldehyde, and sulfates, each product revitalizes you from deep within as you cleanse yourself with trust, purity, and an unmatched radiance!

Jessica Lynne

Hey you! I’m Jessica.

The day I decided I was not going to “pick my poison” when it came to beauty products was absolutely liberating! Clean beauty has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. However, my passion was quickly ignited, calling for immediate change. My world shattered when we received my mothers breast cancer diagnosis. The cancer had spread to her lymph nodes and, as a result, they needed to be removed.

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Opt For The Best & Choose Yourself

Your skin works overtime to protect as it’s the first layer of protection from harmful substances entering your body. To aid your natural shield, you must trust what you’re putting into it. Ditch those over the counter products containing unrecognizable ingredients that imbalance and disrupt your bodily systems. 

  • 1. Unique artisanal products that are made in small batches.

    This means they are crafted in smaller quantities and more frequently, producing bath, body, and skincare products that are fresher and potent.

  • 2. Unblemished ingredients

    (no parabens, no formaldehydes, no sulfates, etc.)

  • 3. Uncompromised health and wealth

    As pure nourishment seeps much deeper pas the skin.

  • Everything arrived quickly & packaged beautifully! Thank you!!
    - Angela

  • The Amber & Driftwood fragrance is delicious! So rich, thick & moisturizing. Super fast shipping. Lovely packaging. Wonderful seller. I definitely recommend!

  • Lotion is thick and creamy. Love the Sandalwood scent! Would highly recommend.
    - LaJune

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